Nat’s Story

I started doing this work for 4 reasons: Mr. Smith, Mrs. Jane, Deacon Doe (names changed), and my own challenges.  I had a wonderful career in the insurance industry and after being there for more than a decade I became a part of my customer’s lives and marriages.

Atlanta's Sex & Relationship Therapist

One day I was giving Mr. Smith a compliment on how he had done such a wonderful job navigating the down turn of the economy. While others were downsizing he was buying new cars and opening new businesses. After saying thank you for the compliment Mr. Smith said, “Natalie, you just don’t know. My wife won’t sleep with me and she’s moved out of our bedroom all together.” The pain in his voice was undeniable; it only looked like he had everything.

Then, another day, Mrs. Jane stood in the middle of our insurance office and said that she had a husband that was a wonderful provider and awesome father, but he wouldn’t touch her. She seemed at a loss. She said that she didn’t want to leave her marriage for something as petty as affection, sex, and intimacy, but didn’t think she was strong enough to stay without cheating.

Lastly, was Deacon Doe.  When he switched wives on his insurance policy, he told me that he left his 1st wife (and subsequently his church) because of the lack of affection in his marriage. He said that he told her that he was not going to live in a sexless marriage, but after 10 years it seemed as if she didn’t care.  He said he felt used; as if she married him just to have the big wedding, the kids, and the house. He said that he went to the church and they didn’t help him. He said his wife wouldn’t even cuddle with him on the couch when they watched a movie. He said that he hated to leave his children, but there’s no way he could suffer the loneliness another year.

With these stories on my heart (and a few of my own relationship problems too), I went back to graduate school in 2006 to become a marriage and family therapist. Upon graduation I knew my specialty needed to be sex therapy so I could help clients like these. Now, I’ve become the 2nd African American AASECT certified Sex Therapist in Georgia.

I have enjoyed being in private practice since 2010 where I get to help my clients obtained the sexual and relational satisfaction they’ve been seeking for years.  My clients seem to enjoy working with a therapist that is open to talking about all facets of sexuality. They seem to appreciate the freedom, openness, and non-judgmental atmosphere my boutique practice provides.

Call me now at 1.888.788.4624 ext 11 if you are struggling with any sexual or relational issues that you think I can help with.