Frequently Asked Questions. 


Q: What can I expect on my first visit?

A:  During our first session, I will explain my process as a therapist, go over your paperwork,  and I will ask you to tell me the problems and pains that bring you into therapy.


Q: How long is a session?

A: An individual session typically lasts for 50 -60 minutes and couples are given 75 -90 minutes to ensure both parties are afforded the opportunity to completely express their feelings, thoughts, and wishes.



Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Each client is different and therapy is tailored to meet your specific needs. On average, the length of counseling usually runs from about 12 to 20 sessions.


Q: What if my significant other does not want to come?

A: That is ok and perfectly normal. Many individuals seek counseling without their partners. It allows them space and freedom to talk about their relationship and their needs without repercussions in a supportive non-judgmental environment.


Q: What if I am single? Can I still come see you?

A: YES. YES. YES. Many singles are finding sex therapy is helpful to either figure out the last relationship or prepare for their next.  Often times it can be easier to figure out intimacy issues when there is less pressure to be intimate with someone.


Q: What is Sex Therapy?

A: Sex therapy is a unique and specialized form of professional counseling designed to help women and men address their concerns about sexuality, sexual function, and sexual expression. While other issues may arise during therapy, these are some of the most common problems addressed in confidence with total confidentiality during our sessions:

  •  Sexual desire or frequency discrepancies
  •  Arousal or inability to reach orgasm
  •  Sexual anxieties and inhibitions
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sexual identity or orientation issues
  • Premature ejaculation (rapid ejaculation)
  • Erection problems
  • Medical problems affecting sex
  • Unusual sexual desires or behaviors
  • Issues related to sexual expression or function

Like any therapeutic experience, sex therapy involves talking, listening, and education. I work with you in a private, comfortable setting. As you sit on the couch to talk, we will identify and clarify your concerns. During therapy, I will provide you with relevant sexual information, which might include conversations about anatomy, physical response, and healthy sexual behavior.

Our therapy sessions will never involve any form of sexual or other inappropriate physical contact or the performance of any sexual activity. You will feel supported and respected at all times.