Client wish list (part 2: ladies)

Ok here’s the list of women that I would love to have as clients. Specifically, I would love to have as ‘sex therapy’ clients so that I could take their full sexual history.

  1. Anne Heche – I love her in everything, but what’s the real reason she broke up with Ellen all those years ago?
  2. Raven Symone – She has done a really good job of keep her “partners” secret over the years. So what’s really been going on?
  3. Condoleezza Rice – I don’t think she slept with President Bush, but it makes me wonder who did she sleep with in the White House?
  4. Miley Cyrus – I have no explanation; I just want to know more about her.
  5. Gayle King – Does having Oprah as a friend hurt or help your sex life? Just wondering how you balanced it all.
  6. Juanita Bynum – My idea is that she has a feast or famine sex life. I’d love to know if my assumptions are correct?
  7. MaDonna – I wonder if she is as sexually adventurous as she has convinced the world she is. I think she’s been a brilliant marketer and business person since the womb. Sex sells and she knew it!
  8. Hillary Clinton – Our 1st woman president (possibly) – really who wouldn’t want her as a client?
  9. Robin Roberts – She is the epitome of graceful to me. I’d simply like to know how has she maintained her grace throughout the years as she figured hour her sexuality and lived so successfully.
  10. Angelina Jolie – because she gets to sleep with Brad Pitt.


I hope this was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write.