My client wish list (men 1st)

Hello All,
Lately, I’ve been obsessed thinking about famous people that I would like to have in my office so that I can take their full sexual histories. In the health care industry we always have to take a person’s history to ensure we give them appropriate tailored care and mental health is no different. Moreover, sex therapy is no different. When I intake new clients I take a full sexual history and many times my clients gain insights from simply saying all that information out loud. Often they enjoy the process, as it can be very cathartic, and I do to.
So, here’s my Top 10 Client wish list. If I ever the chance I would love to take their full sexual histories (and be their therapist too)….
1. Prince – just because the rumors throughout the years have been… Insatiable (every pun intended)
2. Bill Clinton – because… Do we really still think it was just the 1 intern?
3. Osama bin Laden- Can you have a sexual history if you are hiding in the desert from the U.S. Armed Forces?
4. Bishop Eddie Long – Do I need to explain?
5. Jimmy Swaggart- Again, Do I need to explain?
6. Stedman, yes Oprah’s Stedman- just curious to see if he was loyal to Opharh all those years and how did that effect their sex life.
7. Jimmy Fallon – because he’s so funny to me I think we’d laugh the whole time
8. RuPaul – he is so freak’n gorgeous when he’s in drag, I know there are people who just have fallen in love with him off of looks alone.
9. The Pope – just how progressive are is Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
10. Dennis Rodman – because I’m still confused over why he wore that wedding dress.
11. Last, if I could have just one more…. It would be Lil’ Wayne – because what I hear on the radio does not match what I see on TV. I have to wonder, What other surprises would a candid conversation hold.
So, notice there are now women on the list. I’ll do a separate one for them. Stay tuned.