My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say. Part 3

My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say. Part 3

I just heard that a Pastor killed himself over the Ashley Madison Hack!dear letter

I’m shaking my head….  Here’s my letter to all who got outed.

To my dear friends that got outed.

I’m sorry you got outed in such a public way. I know this time has been very hard for you. I don’t know what your reasons are, but I believe that you had them.

I’d like to challenge you and give you hope.

I challenge you to start speaking your truth because if you do then it will give others to permission to speak truth about their weaknesses and the temptations we all face.

Specifically, I want say to the pastors and ministers: Don’t shrink from this opportunity to talk to people about the real challenges of life and marriage. Don’t hide. Stand up and say this is what I was doing!

Stand up and say: We ALL fall down, NOW watch me get up.

Watch me make my marriage and ministry stronger than ever. Watch me TURN MY LIFE AROUND and then turn around and help others. Watch me build something from nothing and turn tragedy to triumph.

I believe in you! I believe you can do it. Joy WILL come in the morning. This storm will not last forever.

Hope this helps,

Sex Therapist Nat

P.S. I’m here to support you in whatever way possible. There is no judgment here. Call me 1.888.788.4624.