My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say. Part 2

My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say. Part 2

Can we take a deep breath and realized that some of us, A LOT of us, really believe that once we get married we will never marriage quoteever want to be with someone else OR have sex with someone else for the rest of our lies (maybe 80 years depending on how old you were when you got married). Can we take a deep breath and realize that this idea may be unrealistic.

Marriage gets complicated. I have seen couples that are perfect for each other, but don’t have sex with each other. I have seen couples that are terrible for each other, but have great sex. In marriage we are asking for our spouses to be our domestic partners, financial partners, best friends, cheerleaders, co-parents, co-care givers for our parents, AND always ready hot sexy lovers as well. That is a lot.

I know that this is a different take on the Ashley Madison Hack, but I’d like you all to take a minute to consider….

Maybe life gets hard.

Maybe marriage gets hard sometimes, too!

And being the perfect partner and always sexually available to your spouse is not realistic. For some couples, Ashley Madison served as a bridge over hard times to get needs met WITHOUT leaving the marriage for greener grass. Can we take a moment and notice that these people “outed” by the hack, were trying to stay in their marriage?

Just think about it, yes they were cheating, but if they were on the Ashley Madison site, they were NOT trying to leave their marriage. I’m just saying….. think about it…. and maybe relax your judgements for a moment.

Hope this helps

Sex Therapist Nat