My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say (Part 1)

My thoughts on Ashley Madison…. I have a lot to say (Part 1)

ashley madison sign in picOne of the websites I read said, “what has become of us as a people” that we need a website for cheating. My answer: “nothing!” We “people” have been cheating since the beginning of time and the invention of the internet has made things in life a lot easier, including cheating. That’s it: if there is an easier way to do something, even if it is something we should NOT be doing, we “people” are going to do it the easiest way.

What I’d like to focus on in this blog post is the need for more honesty in marriage. Can we admit that we are all human and if the right circumstance present we all have the capacity for infidelity. So, as a married couple, can we take precautions against infidelity? Can we work together to make sure both parties are sexually fulfilled? Can we take time on our anniversaries and say, “How’s this marriage working for you? Are you getting enough sex? Are we communicating well with each other? How are we doing at staying connected? Where are our blind spots? Are we having fun together? How do we guard against infidelity?”

We know our homes can be broken into so we spend thousands of dollars on security systems to keep them safe. I want you to take this Ashley Madison Hack as the wake-up call that proves that your marriage, not Ashley Madison, can be “broken into” needs more security as well.

Hope this helps

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