Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be an extremely detrimental disorder that not hinders people’s growth, but can do so without them even realizing it. PTSD is known to stem very deep in regard to traumatic events that cannot be easily overcome just by “moving on” with life.

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The determinant of the PTSD can have some specific links to sexual intimacy or it can be completely unrelated, but still be affecting a person’s sexuality. A very common reaction with sexual intimacy for those with PTSD is a sense of distance or numbness, mainly after, but sometimes during sexual activities. People with PTSD tend become extremely removed mentally from present situations. Some sexual abuse survivors with PTSD may have issues trusting another, fearing that letting their guard down will result in a similar trauma. For others, there can be a constant “on edge” anxiousness about them which never allows them to relax.


Like any disorder, PTSD puts a ton of stress on the body making it extremely fatigued. For those who suffer from PTSD, a sex life can be non-existent, but only if you allow it to be. The first step is working through the trauma one has experienced and seeking out the help of a professional to live a more happy, functional life with sex in it! So take that first step today!


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Sex Therapist Nat