Anxiety versus Sex

Anxiety versus Sex

In marriages, or any relationship for that matter, sexual intimacy can come and go. As we go through anxiety mandifferent phases in our lives, so does our sex patterns and desires (or lack thereof), raising and lowering before the day is even over. But what happens to those who have another piece to the puzzle? None of us are on our best game all the time, but for those who have an anxiety disorder, the aspect of sexual intimacy can really take a hit.


Those with anxiety can develop many irrational fears and behaviors, which can cause unwarranted and unwanted stress to the body. Cortisol is the hormone released when a person is stressed and it can decrease your sexual drive through blocking the release of testosterone. So, there’s the first problem. Your body physically can shut down from sex if it is under too much stress. What’s worse is what is happening mentally.


Sex is very mental and having someone with anxiety engage in sex can cause them to be extremely nervous, anxious, and fearful. It may not even be that the desire is lacking, but that the mind and fear from their anxiety takes over. For those who suffer from anxiety and are noticing issues with sexual intimacy, seek the help of a professional! Sometimes it’s just about being given the proper tools and learning how to use them in order to overcome any kind of anxiety in the bedroom.


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